E-books coming soon…

Exciting news! My first three novels, Moths to a Flame, Songspinners and The Lost Child will soon be available as e-books with gorgeous new covers by Marcelle Natisin. More news will follow here soon!

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  1. Deborah Spadino says:

    Good evening. I have just come across your books and i love the write up about the books. I have book 2 and book 3 of THE TEARS OF ARTAMON. I am lookingfor book 1. Do you know when they will be avalabe as e-books?

  2. Sarah Ash says:

    Hallo, Deborah! Thank you very much for contacting me; I’m very glad to learn that you like the Tears of Artamon books.
    Barnes and Noble in the US currently have all five Artamon ebooks for the Nook. There are still mass market paperbacks available via Amazon and The Book Depository too; do let me know if you can’t find a copy.
    All best wishes, Sarah

    P.S. The new ebooks will be of my first three novels: Moths to a Flame, Songspinners, and The Lost Child, which are all standalone novels, written before the Artamon books.

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