Bristolcon – September 26th!

Bristolcon 2015

It’s that time of year again! And I’m delighted to be participating again.

At 15.00 I’ll be talking about manga and anime in the Art Room.

Living Dolls



Persocoms, Giftias and Hybrid Children – manga and anime’s love affair with artificially created humans.

And at 19.00 in Programme Room 1 I’m looking forward to take part in:

Here Be Dragons

What is the enduring appeal of certain mythological creatures in fantasy, and why are others forgotten or neglected. (Anyone heard of the Yale these days? Some of the committee are as baffled as you might be…) And which ones have been done to death?

with Anne Lyle (Mod), Ben Galley, Ken Shinn, Mhairi Simpson, Sarah Ash


Tales from the Vatican Vaults

 I’m so excited to have received my contributing author’s copy of The Mammoth Book of Tales from the Vatican Vaults edited by David V. Barrett and published by Constable & Robinson on 6.8.15.

Vatican Vaults

‘A captivating collection of original science fiction and fantasy stories based on the same alternate world premise: a collection of documents that have been suppressed by the Vatican and hidden away for years, in some cases centuries, are revealed when the vaults are thrown open by a reforming pope.

In this alternate reality, Pope John Paul (I) does not die a month after his accession in 1978; instead he lives on for over 30 years to become the most reforming pope of all time. In addition to relaxing the rules on birth control and priestly celibacy he also opens up the most secret parts of the Vatican Library to scholars . . .

In the Vatican’s deepest vaults, documents are discovered which shed new light on world history, containing information which, if true, would cause many parts of accepted history to have to be rewritten. These include not just the undercover involvement of the Catholic Church in world affairs, but documented accounts of what really happened in historical conundrums, the real lives of saints and popes, miracles, magic, angels and even alien encounters.’

Tales from the Vatican Vaults

Tales from the Vatican Vaults on Kindle

Historical Fantasy – a Guest Post for BRSBKBLOG

I was lucky enough to take part in a fascinating panel about historical fantasy at the 2014 BristolCon which was moderated by fellow writer Peter Sutton. My thanks to Peter for inviting me to contribute a Guest Post to his Blog (i.e. letting me enthuse about a subject that is very close to my heart as both a writer and a reader!)

BristolCon 2014

October 25th is BristolCon! I’m really looking forward to attending this welcoming and human-sized  convention. Here are the events I’ll be participating in:

13.00 Writing Historical Fantasy: If you want to write historical fantasy, you need to do a lot of research, and it can seem daunting. Where do you start, and when can you deviate into the realms of alternate history? What do you gain from basing your fantasy story in the real-world past?

with Pete Sutton , Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Sarah Ash, Jacey Bedford, Mike Shevdon

And then, in the Art Room:

16.00 Hyakki Yagyou – The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: meet some fascinating and terrifying creatures from Japanese folklore as portrayed in anime and manga. Sarah Ash (Anime UK News) provides a brief introduction to the hidden world of the youkai.

See the whole programme at