Here you can find details of all Sarah Ash’s published books, most recent first.

Flight Into Darkness

In a clash of kingdoms and rebels, of magicians and inquisitors, two young mages must find the resolution and courage they need to save both the world…and themselves.

As an impulsive young man, Rieuk Mordiern accidentally freed Azilis—a guardian spirit charged with keeping the balance between the kingdoms of the living and the dead. And now his sole purpose is to bring her back: to restore the balance that he so carelessly upset. Only Azilis does not want to return. Instead she has attached herself to a very talented mortal—the renowned singer Celestine—becoming, as Celestine believes, her personal guardian.

And Celestine has never needed a guardian more. Her desire for revenge against the people who consigned her magician father to the flames is leading her farther down a dangerous path as she learns to use the powers he deeded her at his death. Powers that are bringing her to the attention of an Inquisition determined to stamp out every last trace of magic from the world.

But chaos is growing. Seven daemons from another realm, once imprisoned, are now threatening to return and lay siege to the mortal world. The boundaries between life and death are slowly eroding. And to prevent the end of all things, both Rieuk and Celestine must discover what it means to truly be a hero….

Tracing the Shadow

The kingdom of Francia has purged its magi. But when a young Guerrier rescues an orphaned street waif, little does he know that she is the daughter of a magus who met his end on their pyres—or that she is guarded by an aethyric spirit—and driven by the name of the traitor who condemned her father to flames. With the gift of song infused within her, the child’s voice will bring her before the most powerful heads of state. And she will craft herself into a weapon… aimed at the heart of the man she despises.

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Children of the Serpent Gate

Gavril Nagarian is believed dead – perished in the heat of battle. But the Lord Drakhaon of Azhkendir lives on. Now he is entrusted with a sacred mission: to rescue the aged Magus, who has been kidnapped and in whose possession are the five priceless rubies that compose the fabled Tears of Artamon. Ancient law decrees that whoever possesses the coveted stones has the power to impose his rule over the five princedoms in the Empire of New Rossiya.

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Prisoner of the Iron Tower

Gavril Nagarian has finally cast out the dragon-daemon. The Drakhaoul is gone – and with it all Gavril’s fearsome powers. But now rid of the daemon’s unnatural lusts and desires, he understands how he has betrayed his birthright and his people – he has put the ice-bound kingdom of Azhkendir at risk and lost.

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Lord of Snow and Shadows

All Gavril Andar has ever known of life is the sunny clime of his southern home, his beautiful mother, and his love of painting. Until his peace is shattered – and his destiny decreed – by the arrival of a group of fierce clan warriors from the north. The father he has never known is dead. The man who ruled the wintry kingdom of Ahkendir, a man in whose veins ran the burning blood of the Drakhoul, has been murdered by his enemies.

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The Lost Child

Rahab finds the bloodless corpse of a child on his ghetto doorstep, the victim of a ritual murder. The Tsyonim, barely tolerated at the best of times, are now the subject of suspicion and hatred in Arcassanne. And the captain of the city guard is determined to ensure that it is a ghetto dweller who is found responsible for the murder.

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“The gift is not a perfect gift. It carryes the curse of madness with it… the Songspinners live a short intense life, gladdening all with their unique talents before their genius is brutally extinguished…”

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Moths To A Flame

Wondrous Myn-Dhiel, home to the dynasty of the House of Memizhon, a place of gothic-Byzantine riches and opulence – but now corrupt and subject to a king and queen, the Arkhan and his Arkhys, slowly going mad inside their labyrinthine palace.

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