Moths To A Flame

A Stand-Alone Fantasy Novel

Wondrous Myn-Dhiel, home to the dynasty of the House of Memizhon, a place of gothic-Byzantine riches and opulence – but now corrupt and subject to a king and queen, the Arkhan and his Arkhys, slowly going mad inside their labyrinthine palace.

But in this stagnant land nothing can shake the powers that be – until the arrival of two young slaves, twins Lai and Laili. Lai, the man of peace, must become a warrior, or die in the Arena; chaste Laili suffers as the Arkhan’s new concubine.

Forced into submission and betrayal of principle, they nevertheless survive. And, once enmeshed in the court and its machinery of power, they rise to new prominence.

But Myn-Dhiel must change… And as the power-playing of the court reaches fever pitch, a god-driven plague – complex, disguising itself as an irresistible drug – descends. Now Lai and Laili must realise their true fate – destroyers and redeemers both.

For these are the last days.

And this is the fall of the house of Memizhon.

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Moths to a Flame, UK paperback

Book Details:

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency
Date: May 2013 (ebook re-issue)

Moths to a Flame was originally published in 1995 by Orion in the UK.

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