A Stand-Alone Fantasy Novel

“The gift is not a perfect gift. It carryes the curse of madness with it… the Songspinners live a short intense life, gladdening all with their unique talents before their genius is brutally extinguished…”

Orial is tormented by strange dreams, by sounds others do not hear. She escapes to her mother’s tomb, losing herself in singing to Iridial’s memory. What she does not know is that her hidden talent may be her undoing.

When Orial becomes the scribe to a composer whose injured hands cannot write, she takes the first steps on the road to madness and war. For in Orial’s world music is a tool for rebellion and dissent and the notes she transcribes are the battle hymn of a people.

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Songspinners, UK paperback

Book Details:

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency
Date: June 2013 (ebook re-issue)

Songspinners was originally published in 1996 by Orion in the UK.

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