The Lost Child

A Stand-Alone Fantasy Novel

Rahab finds the bloodless corpse of a child on his ghetto doorstep, the victim of a ritual murder. The Tsyonim, barely tolerated at the best of times, are now the subject of suspicion and hatred in Arcassanne. And the captain of the city guard is determined to ensure that it is a ghetto dweller who is found responsible for the murder.

As his people prepare to flee once more from persecution, Rahab is determined to find the real killer – to prove his own innocence, and to atone for letting go of hsi brother’s hand as they fled their birthplace in the last pogrom. Salvation lies unexpectedly close at hand, but is more terrifying, and more spectacular, than Rahab could ever have imagined.

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The Lost Child, UK paperback

Book Details:

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency
Date: May 2013

The Lost Child was originally published in 1998 by Orion in the UK.

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