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New Drakomancer and New Natisin Artwork!

The Wouivres are in danger. Only Josse can save them. But to do so, he must face the most powerful adversary he’s ever encountered in his young life.

Chapter 6 of Drakomancer can be read here.

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New Drakomancer

Chapter 5 has now been moved to its proper place – after Chapter 4! – in Work in Progress.

More new Drakomancer will follow very soon…

The Young Magus… by Marcelle Natisin

Returning to the world of ‘Drakomancer’ (original working title ’A Shiver of Silver’) I couldn’t resist adding a link (with the artist’s kind permission) to some sketches that she drew when musing about Kaspar Linnaius’s obscure and mysterious origins. (And Kaspar Linnaius would be the last man to reveal anything about himself and his childhood, even to his emperor!)  So ‘Drakomancer’ is my response to readers, like Marcelle, who asked me for more about the Magus (I wanted to find out more too!)


Drakomancer…new free extract!

Times are not easy for the mid-list writer at the moment. But I’m so heartened to hear from readers that they are enjoying the Artamon stories – thank you for getting in touch! And, as I mentioned earlier this year, I’m slowly, steadily writing Book 4, the direct sequel about Gavril abd Kiukiu that follows on after the end of Children of the Serpent Gate. More news – and another extract – soon!

There’s also another fantasy novel ‘out there’ doing the rounds – I haven’t been idle! – and then there’s Drakomancer. I began to write this under the title A Shiver of Silver three years ago (for reasons that will soon become clear) with fans of Kaspar Linnaius in mind.

Drakomancer is set in Francia (or, to be accurate, a little kingdom of Francia called Sapaudie) and in Allegonde at least a hundred and twenty years or so before Lord of Snow and Shadows takes place. It’s not finished – but if I have enough reader interest, I’ll be happy to continue it.

So rather than have these first chapters languishing unread on my hard drive any longer, I’ve decided to share them with any readers who would like to try another story set in the world of Artamon. I’m putting up the first chapter here for starters. If you would like to read Chapter 2, please contact me via the contact page and let me know. (One chapter every month for starters…)

Flight Into Darkness – an extract


Seven, They Were Seven, the Dark Angels of Destruction

Flight Into Darkness by Sarah AshSardion, Arkhan of Enhirre, stared up at the watch fires burning on the battlements of the ancient fortress of Ondhessar. For centuries it had towered over the desert, his country’s strongest bastion against invaders, concealing a priceless treasure in its vaults: the shrine dedicated to Azilis, the Eternal Singer. For centuries it had been his family’s sacred duty to protect the sacred Lodestar that housed her spirit, aided by the secret sect of the magi of Ondhessar, his Emissaries.

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Tracing the Shadow – an extract

Tracing the Shadow by Sarah AshChapter 1

The Aethyr Vox stood on Magister Linnaius’s desk collecting dust. It had stood there for many weeks, awaiting its inventor’s return. And Rieuk Mordiern, Linnaius’s apprentice, had been assigned to cleaning duties again. With a feather duster, he began to clean the delicate mechanism.

“Apprentice alchymist? Unpaid servant, more like,” he muttered to the empty laboratory.

In his master’s absence, Rieuk had been kept busy assisting Magister de Maunoir, but he was still charged with the task of keeping Linnaius’s laboratory clean, in readiness for his return.

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Children of the Serpent Gate – an extract

Children of the Serpent Gate by Sarah AshChapter 1

‘I’m old.’ Kiukiu stared in disbelief at her reflection. ‘I’m an old woman.’ Her fingertips moved over her lined face, lifting her wild, dry locks of greying hair, searching in vain for a thread of gold. She was so shocked she could only stare at the ageing stranger in the mirror glass. ‘How long was I gone?’

‘Many days, my dear.’ Malusha had never called her ‘my dear’ before. That in itself made Kiukiu even more fearful. ‘Too many days.’

‘There’s a remedy, isn’t there, Grandma?’ She turned to Malusha. ‘Tell me what to do, I’ll do it. No matter what it is.’

Malusha sat a moment, thinking. ‘I’ll go put the kettle on,’ she said, easing herself up from Kiukiu’s side. Making tea was Malusha’s remedy for all ills, great and small.

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Prisoner of the Iron Tower – an extract

Prisoner of the Iron Tower by Sarah AshPrologue

Gavril Nagarian, Lord Drakhaon of Azhkendir, entered Saint Sergius’s shrine and closed the door softly behind him. Flames from ochre beeswax candles shimmered in the gloom. The air smelled of bitter incense and honeyed candlesmoke.

The radiant figure of the Blessed Sergius dominated the ancient mural, staff upraised to defend his flock from the dark Drakhaon. Even the saint’s face had been covered with gold leaf by the artist. In contrast, only the Drakhaon’s eyes glinted in the candlelight, jewelled with chips of blue glass. The rest of his winged daemon-form had been painted black as shadow.

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Lord of Snow and Shadows – an extract

Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah AshPrologue

The Clan Lord lies dying, his eyes wandering, glazing over as he reaches out blindly to grasp his lieutenant’s arm.

‘Over…at last…old friend…’ The hand falls away, his grizzled head lolls sideways, sightless eyes sliding upwards, clear at last, as if a dark veil has melted away.

And as his faithful friend watches, his sight dimmed with tears, he sees -

A shadow, black as a stormcloud, slowly rise from the still body of his master, lift and gather itself until it hovers over him: a great winged daemon-serpent, terrible and puissant.

‘Drakhaoul,’ he whispers, in awe and terror.

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The Lost Child – an extract

The Lost Child by Sarah AshChapter Two

Schimeon the Tailor’s workroom was hot with the steam of pressing irons heating on the fire.

Rahab set down his heavy bundle of swatches and peeled off his jacket.

‘Ouf,’ he said, wiping his face on his sleeve.

‘So?’ Schimeon said, looking up at his apprentice from the cutting bench. ‘Did Sieur Berengar give us the wedding contract?’

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Songspinners – an extract

Songspinners by Sarah AshChapter Three

Khassian lay watching the raindrops slowly trickle down the unshuttered windowpanes. Beyond, a rain mist hid the distant green hillside from view. Did it always rain at this accursed spa? It had been raining since before dawn; he had lain awake listening to the drops pattering against the windows until the first wet light illumined his room.

Sleep eluded him. Whenever he drifted into a doze, images of flame and fire scored his dreams and he woke, sweating, terrified. There were other dreams too, drugged dreams, poppy-drowsed and darkly narcotic. Teetering on the edge of a black abyss, a stinking pit from whose smoke-wreathed deeps shrouded things crawled, clawing at him, threatening to pull him down into the depths.

Better to stay awake than to dream these terrors. Better to watch the dawn bring in yet another day.

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Moths to a Flame – an extract


Springtide on Ael Lahi.

Dusktide washing the pale sands.


Lai Dhar scanned the twilit bay. The seashore was, as he had hoped, empty. No one would hear him here if he sneaked one last practice before the new moon rose.

He sat down, bare toes wriggling through the warm sand to the damp sediment below, so deliciously cool after the day’s heat.

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