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Brand new Tears of Artamon artwork

I’d been wondering for some time what image a manga [-inspired] artist might draw after reading The Tears of Artamon.

Here is Andy Hepworth’s striking portrayal of Khezef after Gavril’s final transformation in Children of the Serpent Gate.

Khezef, as drawn by Andy hepworth

To view more of Andy’s work, please visit www.andyhepworth.com.

And here’s a handy guide to identifying a Drahhaoul.

The Seven Angels of Destruction — or the Seven Drakhaoulim

  • NILAIHAH — the golden-tongued, the Poet (golden eyes)
  • BELBERITH — the Warrior of the Malachite Armour (green eyes)
  • ADRAMELECH — the Dreamer (amethyst eyes)
  • SAHARIEL — the Spell-Binder (scarlet and black eyes)
  • ZA’AFIEL — Silver-Haired, the Spinner of Winds (silver eyes)
  • KHEZEF — the Bringer of Death (indigo eyes)
  • NAGAR/NAGAZDIEL — Prince of the Realm of Shadows (black and scarlet eyes)
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