The inspiration for The Lord of Snow and Shadows

• August 17th, 2003 • Posted in Writing

The idea for Lord of Snow and Shadows came to me some years ago with the single vivid image of a young man and a girl rescuing an injured owl in a snowy forest. Blood on the snow, wild golden eyes of a frightened creature, the towers of a haunted kastel looming behind them… All […]

Lord of Snow and Shadows – an extract

• May 4th, 2003 • Posted in Extracts

Prologue The Clan Lord lies dying, his eyes wandering, glazing over as he reaches out blindly to grasp his lieutenant’s arm. ‘Over…at last…old friend…’ The hand falls away, his grizzled head lolls sideways, sightless eyes sliding upwards, clear at last, as if a dark veil has melted away. And as his faithful friend watches, his […]

Lord of Snow and Shadows

• May 1st, 2003 • Posted in Books

All Gavril Andar has ever known of life is the sunny clime of his southern home, his beautiful mother, and his love of painting. Until his peace is shattered – and his destiny decreed – by the arrival of a group of fierce clan warriors from the north. The father he has never known is […]