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The inspiration for The Lord of Snow and Shadows

The idea for Lord of Snow and Shadows came to me some years ago with the single vivid image of a young man and a girl rescuing an injured owl in a snowy forest. Blood on the snow, wild golden eyes of a frightened creature, the towers of a haunted kastel looming behind them… All I knew at that moment was that the young man’s life was tainted by a terrible family secret and that the girl, Kiukiu, was a servant in his household. That single image led to the slow unravelling of the story of Gavril Nagarian – and his dark inheritance.

The discovery of the music of Reinhold Glière helped to shape the story in its early stages. His music to the Azeri folk legend ‘Shakh-Senem’ with its driving rhythms, evoked the wild, ghost-haunted moorlands of Azhkendir; ‘The Bronze Horseman’, by contrast, brought Mirom, capital of Muscobar to life, with its broad river and elegant Winter Palace. Memories of Russian hero legends first encountered in childhood were revived with Glière’s Third Symphony and inspired the creation of the Drakhaon’s fierce Azhkendi bodyguard, the druzhina.

Lord of Snow and Shadows (Book One of The Tears of Artamon) grew from these little seeds into a fantasy saga of empire and thwarted ambition, enchantment and madness. In Azhkendir, the remote mountain kingdom he inherits from the father he never knew, Gavril encounters scientists and shamans, spies and sorcerers. And, haunting his every move, is the daemon-spirit he comes to know as the Drakhaoul.

I’ve just delivered Prisoner of the Ironsea Tower (Book Two of The Tears of Artamon) and I’m starting to plot the intricacies of Book Three. I’m still having the greatest fun imaginable following the tortuous destinies and the loves and losses of Gavril and Kiukiu!

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