Moths to a Flame – an extract

• January 4th, 1995 • Posted in Extracts

Prologue Springtide on Ael Lahi. Dusktide washing the pale sands. Moontide. Lai Dhar scanned the twilit bay. The seashore was, as he had hoped, empty. No one would hear him here if he sneaked one last practice before the new moon rose. He sat down, bare toes wriggling through the warm sand to the damp […]

Moths To A Flame

• January 1st, 1995 • Posted in Books

Wondrous Myn-Dhiel, home to the dynasty of the House of Memizhon, a place of gothic-Byzantine riches and opulence – but now corrupt and subject to a king and queen, the Arkhan and his Arkhys, slowly going mad inside their labyrinthine palace.