The Lost Child – an extract

• January 4th, 1998 • Posted in Extracts

Chapter Two Schimeon the Tailor’s workroom was hot with the steam of pressing irons heating on the fire. Rahab set down his heavy bundle of swatches and peeled off his jacket. ‘Ouf,’ he said, wiping his face on his sleeve. ‘So?’ Schimeon said, looking up at his apprentice from the cutting bench. ‘Did Sieur Berengar […]

The Lost Child

• January 1st, 1998 • Posted in Books

Rahab finds the bloodless corpse of a child on his ghetto doorstep, the victim of a ritual murder. The Tsyonim, barely tolerated at the best of times, are now the subject of suspicion and hatred in Arcassanne. And the captain of the city guard is determined to ensure that it is a ghetto dweller who […]