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A general update

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have written to me via this website. I’ve been truly surprised and delighted to read all your comments, thoughts and good wishes. I’ve endeavoured to answer your questions as best I can! And I wanted to apologize if you’ve contacted me and not received a reply. Sometimes my ISP has returned my replies to you, saying that the address I’m sending to is not recognized. So do try again!

Prisoner of Ironsea Tower

The mass-market edition of Book Two of The Tears of Artamon (UK edition) is now available at £6.99. It also contains the first two chapters of Children of the Serpent Gate! The US mass-market edition follows in June 2005. Visit the books section for more information.

Children of the Serpent Gate

Book Three of the Tears of Artamon, Children of the Serpent Gate is now scheduled to come out in October 2005 from Transworld UK and Bantam Spectra US. Read the First Chapter here.


I’m planning to be at the exciting INTERACTION (World Science Fiction Convention) in Glasgow in August 2005 and hope to have the chance to meet some of you there. I’ll post other appearances before August here soon.

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